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October 15, 2019
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October 14, 2019
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October Star Support Staff
Congrats to Mr. Matt McAlister!
October 07, 2019
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October Senior Spotlight
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October 04, 2019
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October Teacher Spotlight
Congrats to Khadesia Latimer!
October 04, 2019
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Reed Shoolbred
National Merit Scholarship Recipient
Congrats to Reed Schoolbred!
September 23, 2019
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Superintendent’s Message

Earthquake Drill

                      Drop_Cover_Hold On


s in Anderson County?

We have grown accustomed to hurricanes and tornadoes, but do we have earthquakes in our neighborhood? It is not uncommon to have very minor earthquakes throughout South Carolina, even though the state is not close to a major fault line. The 7.3 earthquake that hit Charleston in 1886 appears to be a type of anomaly as it still is the largest recorded on the east coast. Regardless, on October 17th, many of our students observed National Earthquake Drill Day.

It has been determined that possibly half of all Americans live or work in areas that are at-risk for potentially damaging earthquakes. Even though South Carolina would not be included in those areas, many of us still travel to parts of the country with frequent earthquakes. So, what does the drill consist of? How do we prepare your children?  The three simple steps are Drop, Cover, and Hold On.  When a suspected earthquake takes place one should immediately drop onto your hands and knees right where you are. Next, cover your head and neck with one arm and hand, as you crawl to seek shelter under a nearby table or desk. Finally, hold on to your shelter with one hand until shaking stops and remain on your knees and while covering your head and neck with your other arm and hand.

 Most likely, many of us will never experience an earthquake in our lifetime. We have enough challenges worrying about when the next hurricane might hit. However, practicing or recalling these three simple steps just might make a difference for any of our students unfortunate enough to be caught in the middle of an earthquake.


Dr. Richard Rosenberger


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