Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight
Posted on 02/08/2019
Cody WelchMeet Cody Welch, our February Senior Spotlight! What was your experience like taking part in the Tricounty Welding Program? What all did you do and learn and how do you think it prepared you for college and the rest of your life?

I've learned how welding can make a number of everyday items and that it isn't hard to weld at all. I've made many friends up there and everyone really tries to help each other anyway they can. I plan on going to work maintenance in a plant and welding will help with the opportunity in getting this job quicker and I plan on working and saving my money and eventually opening my own fabrication business, hopefully. 

What are some lessons that you have learned during your time in high school that you think BHP has prepared you for life after graduation? I feel my time at BHP was spent well between the time welding at the Career Center and welding in Agriculture. I have been shown you can have fun while you work. Classes have also shown me that some of our work will follow us over into the workforce, such as measuring for fitment. What has been your favorite memory during your time here at BHP?

My favorite memory of BHP has to be welding with all my friends at the Career Center and helping one another. 

What are your plans for after graduation?

My plans after graduation is to take two months off and apply and train for the job I have lined up for now and go work maintenance and save money and use the skills I learned through the dual enrollment program.

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